It has been demonstrated repeatedly that the regular monitoring of an aircraft's condition and auditing of its technical records can save a lessor or lender significant expense at the time of the return of the aircraft or in the event of a default. MAKRAT’s technical monitoring product comprises the following services:

• Consultancy for establishing the right CAMO organization acc to EASA Part M Requirements
• EASA Part M engineering & planning services
• Development and control of maintenance & reliability program
• Management/assessment of fleet modification status to increase the reliability of the fleet
• Worldwide fleet maintenance planning and coordination
• Transition Management - phase-in and phase-out activities
• Airworthiness Review Certification “ARC” (documentation and physical inspection)
• Management and archive of airworthiness data
• Management of repairs and defects
• Auditing services in the field Quality and the Safety Management
• Quality & performance assessment of Maintenance Organizations
• Expertise in establish and maintain compliant Manuals and Technical Documentation
• Training/courses for Accountable Managers and Postholders to better understand and apply aviation
safety regulations
• Maintenance Contract review, evaluation and management
• Importing aircraft onto EASA, FAA or National Registers

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